Wednesday, December 15

Finding the right Christmas tree

Charlie Brown's Tree with Blanket - MulticolorTrying to find the perfect christmas tree with the right smell, the right shape and the right size is like trying to find the perfect woman. She has to be willing to ride in the trunk....and you can get rid of her after the holidays...and get a new one every year....and your mother who never truly approves is terrific about this short term relationship.
Pre-Lit Pull-Up Christmas Tree, Clear
Christmas trees are bit different than women though. The trees gather at temporary local joints for three weeks each year and you can just-go-there, pick-up your favorite and bring it home. You only have to feed it water, it trys-on only one skirt for christmas festivities, it has beautiful and shiny balls, and you don't worry about the dangle of the garland, its supposed be that way. You can plug it in at your will and even unplugged it will sit around looking beautiful. It doesn't take much to turn it on, you don't want it bare, its easy to slim down. and there is always a special place for it in your living room. You actually want to show it to your family, friends, neighbors and you might even have a party in its honor. You put the same arrangements on it everytime and even so, whenever you ring its bell, an angel gets it wings. It doesn't pretend or tolerate your idea of Christmas, it truly like trains. It dies slowly and the best part? It doesn't talk back and there are fifty more waiting outside your door.Kurt S. Adler 4-Foot Sterling Silver Shaggy Christmas Tree

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